Welcome to nourished!

At nourished we aspire to deliver healthy, nutritious, tasty food, exceptional coffee and friendly, efficient service in a relaxed atmosphere.

We believe the key to healthy food is the ingredients.  Ideally fresh, local, organic, sustainable and seasonal. We choose organic or biodynamic ingredients where readily accessible and reliable.

With the exception of our organic bread and wraps, everything we offer, including our cookies, cakes, sauces and dressings are handmade in our kitchen.

We cook to the season as much as possible and design our menu and specials around seasonally available produce. Our food is served as close to its natural state as possible, without processing and additives. We use no preservatives, artificial colours or flavouring.

We use healthy cooking methods like steaming, baking, grilling, sauté or stir-frying and we use the microwave only to reheat certain dishes for speed of service.

We cook with lots of fresh herbs and spices not only for taste but for their health and medicinal properties. This also allows the use of less salt. We cook with love.

Life’s short. Stay healthy for it!