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The Top Three Coffee Enema Benefits You Should Know

You may have heard “coffee enema” being mentioned in conversations with family members or at an event and may be wondering if all the health benefit claims are actually true. Well, the only way to find out is if you try it out first hand. It may seem frightening, weird, or intimidating at first, but don’t worry!

We hope that once we have listed down the benefits of including this into your wellness routine, you will be looking forward to buying your own home coffee enema kit soon!

Coffee Enema – Definition

Coffee enema is an internal colon cleansing procedure that makes use of coffee to detox and rejuvenate the liver. Unlike clear water enema, coffee enema utilises the power of caffeine and palmitate to flush out toxins and help the liver strain impurities from systemic circulation.

Other benefits derived from regular coffee enema are as follows:

Improvement in Digestion, Metabolism, and Nutrient Absorption
Health experts claim many diseases start in the gut. With this in mind, it is suffice to say that we can prevent disease by promoting gut wellness. Coffee enema efficiently cleanses the colon by loosening up impacted fecal waste and toxins. The end result is improved digestive function as evidenced by peristalsis. This movement of the smooth muscles of the intestines moves food items more efficiently to the colon. The absence of debris and wastes also rejuvenates the digestive system by speeding up metabolism. Lastly, the absence of putrefied waste along the walls of the colon so that nutrients are absorbed faster. All these enema benefits result in enhanced wellness.

Provides relief from common gastrointestinal issues

A toxic colon triggers the onset of common gastrointestinal problems such as constipation, diarrhoea, gas, and bloating. Once all the waste materials are flushed out of our system, the digestive system regains its basic functions. A clean colon without trace of impurities works more efficiently than a colon slowed down by toxins and impacted fecal matter.

Liver detox and increased antioxidant production

Coffee enema among cancer patients is crucial for their wellbeing. The caffeine and palmitates from coffee stimulates the liver to produce bile. The bile then finds its way into the gall bladder, which then excretes antioxidants. Increased functioning of the liver together with high levels of antioxidants result in optimal detoxification. Cancer patients who perform coffee enema at least 5 times a day suffer less painful symptoms that they experience during and after traditional cancer treatments.

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